How to Keep Your House Waste Under Control with Skip Bins

Large painted skip bin for hire

Skip bins are perfect for home use because you receive flexibility, affordability, and convenience. What could be easier than dropping your disposables in a bin and calling it a day? Plus, hiring a skip bin company will put your mind at ease since you won’t have to worry about hauling away your rubbish on your own, which could result in additional charges if you need to rent equipment or another vehicle to do so.

Choose From a Variety of Sizes

One of the greatest things about using a skip bin hire company is the variety of bins available.

Marrel Bins

Marrel bins have higher sides but are shorter in length. In most cases, you will require a permit if it is not placed on your property, such as on the road or near a nature strip.

Hook Lift

Hook lift bins are longer in length and have lower sides. Like marrel bins, a permit is usually required if you plan to place your bin anywhere else than on your property. To avoid the need for a permit, make sure that the bin is placed on your property. If needed, park your car on the street and keep the bin in your driveway.

Mobile Skips

Mobile skips and skip bags do not require a permit. Mobile skips cannot hold heavy waste, but they are great for disposing of house waste. They have lockable lids, don’t take up a lot of space, and can be placed in garages, parking stations, and under carports.

Skip Bags

Skip bags are the perfect option for homes or long-term waste disposal. They are great if you don’t know how big of a bin you need or how long it’ll take to fill it. You can even get a variety of skip bag sizes until you figure out what works the best.

Consider Other Options

Green Skip binSome skip bin companies offer bins for garden waste, junk, or recycling. This skip bins Perth company is an example of a high quality skip bin rental service that allows different types of waste removal in their skips. If you go through a lot of garden waste, have a bunch of junk to throw out, and are interested in recycling, those options are worth looking into. If junk bins are not offered, you can check with the company to see if they will accept any of your junk materials.

Otherwise, you can always consider donating them to charity or having a garage sale, depending on the condition of the items.

Pack the Bin Wisely

To utilise as much bin space as possible, pack the bin like you would pack a suitcase. Utilise as much space as possible, and pack it neatly and carefully. If needed, cut bulky waste into small pieces, but avoid filling the bin too full. Bins each have a clear “waste line level” that you need to abide by.

If your skip bins are packed too full, you may have to pay an additional fee, and the overflowing waste will be left behind. Instead of risking packing the bin too full, keep multiple bins on hand in case you ever need the additional bin space.