5 Secrets for a Budget Kitchen Renovation

Planning for a Better Renovation at a better Price

Any home needs improvement and renovation at some point. As a responsible homeowner, you know that and you probably already consider some financial planning for your next house renovation project. Successful renovators know just how to get the best bang for their buck. Here are five ways to keep your kitchen renovation costs down and get the look you’ve always wanted. The trick is to know how to stretch every dollar.

  1. The Kitchen Counter top

kitchen laminate installWood is the most budget-friendly option for counter tops. It looks amazing and is highly durable. Just be sure to seal the wood to prevent future damage. Another pocket-friendly option is Carrara marble which is a soft marble and it is more prone to scratches, but you can finish it with a polish to protect it. Don’t rule out laminate, either. Choose an edge detail that isn’t a bull-nose. A square or stepped edge on dark laminate will make your counter tops look like they’re made of stone.

  1. Kitchen Cabinets

Updating your kitchen cabinets doesn’t mean you have to start from scratch. If your cabinets are in good condition, you could reface them with new doors. You may want to include glass doors and drawers for a contemporary look. Or, you could save even more money and simply paint your existing doors, which can breathe new life into the kitchen at just a fraction of the cost of new cabinets.

  1. Upgrade the Sink

new kitchen sinkYou will have to determine what you want in a sink. Do you need a double or single basin? What width will work best in your space? When buying a new sink, you should already know which counter top material you are going to go with and how you are going to want to install your new sink. For instance, a wood counter top around the sink is not advisable as water damage can occur. The color of your counter top will also influence the sink you choose and the color. For instance, white counters look better with a light sink as opposed to stainless steel. Don’t forget about the taps. If you want brushed bronze or brass, they won’t work well with stainless steel.

  1. The Backsplash

Counter tops and back splashes should be replaced at the same time. If you’re opting for budget-friendly counter tops but want to make them look more expensive, splurge on the back splash. If you’re on a tight budget, consider elegant yet simple subway tiles that never go out of style. Stay away from a matte finish tile or rough stone as they are impossible to keep clean.

  1. Kitchen Floors

New and improved kitchen floorNo doubt you know what the typical flooring options are, but there are a few others worth considering. For instance, Forbo flooring works well in kitchens and is made from re-purposed products that are comfortable and anti-slip. Hardwood also works well on a kitchen floor. Ceramic tiles are the most common and budget-friendly choice for kitchen floors.

Ready to start your kitchen renovation with tight purse strings? Use our top five tips and you’re sure to come out on budget with a brand new kitchen. It doesn’t take much to add a splash of new life to the most important area of the house.

Getting More Done with Financial Planning

You will require a bit of careful financial planning to be able to tackle all these renovation projects on a budget and in the long run, it is better to ask an expert how safe certain investments are for you. A reliable planner will not only help you organize your finances but they will provide education and important advice about what risks you should be prepared to take on your home improvement projects.

How to Keep Your House Waste Under Control with Skip Bins

Large painted skip bin for hire

Skip bins are perfect for home use because you receive flexibility, affordability, and convenience. What could be easier than dropping your disposables in a bin and calling it a day? Plus, hiring a skip bin company will put your mind at ease since you won’t have to worry about hauling away your rubbish on your own, which could result in additional charges if you need to rent equipment or another vehicle to do so.

Choose From a Variety of Sizes

One of the greatest things about using a skip bin hire company is the variety of bins available.

Marrel Bins

Marrel bins have higher sides but are shorter in length. In most cases, you will require a permit if it is not placed on your property, such as on the road or near a nature strip.

Hook Lift

Hook lift bins are longer in length and have lower sides. Like marrel bins, a permit is usually required if you plan to place your bin anywhere else than on your property. To avoid the need for a permit, make sure that the bin is placed on your property. If needed, park your car on the street and keep the bin in your driveway.

Mobile Skips

Mobile skips and skip bags do not require a permit. Mobile skips cannot hold heavy waste, but they are great for disposing of house waste. They have lockable lids, don’t take up a lot of space, and can be placed in garages, parking stations, and under carports.

Skip Bags

Skip bags are the perfect option for homes or long-term waste disposal. They are great if you don’t know how big of a bin you need or how long it’ll take to fill it. You can even get a variety of skip bag sizes until you figure out what works the best.

Consider Other Options

Green Skip binSome skip bin companies offer bins for garden waste, junk, or recycling. This skip bins Perth company is an example of a high quality skip bin rental service that allows different types of waste removal in their skips. If you go through a lot of garden waste, have a bunch of junk to throw out, and are interested in recycling, those options are worth looking into. If junk bins are not offered, you can check with the company to see if they will accept any of your junk materials.

Otherwise, you can always consider donating them to charity or having a garage sale, depending on the condition of the items.

Pack the Bin Wisely

To utilise as much bin space as possible, pack the bin like you would pack a suitcase. Utilise as much space as possible, and pack it neatly and carefully. If needed, cut bulky waste into small pieces, but avoid filling the bin too full. Bins each have a clear “waste line level” that you need to abide by.

If your skip bins are packed too full, you may have to pay an additional fee, and the overflowing waste will be left behind. Instead of risking packing the bin too full, keep multiple bins on hand in case you ever need the additional bin space.

The Advantages of Poured Limestone Vs. Cement

Poured limestone is a newer and more efficient alternative to concrete, brick, or stone paving. It looks fabulous, comes in a wide variety of styles and colors, and is stronger and more durable than concrete. The benefits don’t stop there! Liquid limestone is becoming a more and more popular choice over concrete for many different reasons.

Interior limestone flooring

The Many Benefits of Liquid Limestone

Liquid limestone is an excellent option for your indoor and outdoor needs, whether you choose to use it for your pool, garden, driveway, spa, patio, bathroom or kitchen floors, or even your indoor or outdoor staircase. The benefits are endless and the results are absolutely stunning! The limestone flooring will feel cool on your feet but is also non-slip and provides you with the traction you need when you’re walking around barefoot, with slippery shoes, or when you have wet feet from leaving the pool or spa. Plus, it is strong and durable, low maintenance, cost-effective, improves the value of your home, and helps to keep ants and weeds at bay.

Most importantly from a design standpoint – limestone looks far more attractive than plain old cement. Limestone comes in a variety of colors and can be molded to any shape or size you need!

What’s Wrong with Concrete?

cracked concreteWhile concrete may be less expensive upfront, there is additional maintenance which may require extra expenses down the road, and it’s less of an investment. It won’t positively impact your property value like liquid limestone will. Plus, concrete doesn’t keep weeds or ants away, and it has a higher risk of cracking.

Concrete has been a popular option for many years, but now that limestone is becoming more and more popular, it’s easy to see why. Concrete looks like traditional concrete, but liquid limestone can look like so much more. It’s so modern and sophisticated, and gives your home the stylish upgrade it needs!

It’s Cooler on Your Feet

While concrete would instantly burn your feet if you were to step on the ground with no shoes on, limestone actually stays cool and feels great on your feet, even in hot weather. Liquid limestone is an absolute must for building your new pool, driveway, or pathway. Plus, you won’t have to deal with the maintenance of keeping ants and weeds away, which will save you the headache later on!

Even if you are used to using concrete materials and are comfortable with it, now is the perfect time to step outside of your comfort zone to invest in something new and improved. Poured limestone is full of advantages, and even helps to increase the property value of your home. Whether you’re looking to sell your home in the near future or not, you can rest assured knowing that your upgrades will add to the look and feel of your home, while also increasing the value of your home. Contact a professional today to learn more about the advantages of using limestone rather than cement!

Essential Advice for Hiring a House Painting Provider

freshly painted room with paint tin on ground

There are many important things to consider before you hire a house painting provider. First, you want to make sure that the job gets done the way you want it. Second, you want the job to be completed on time with no major hurdles along the way. Third, you want to stick to your original budget. Because of these three things, it’s important to do your homework beforehand and keep these important tips in mind.

Get Referrals

The best way to hire a contractor for house painting is to get referrals from people who have received similar services. Reach out to people on social media by asking your followers who they recommended, or ask your friends, neighbors, extended family members, and co-workers. You may also be able to get referrals from your local hardware store.

Shop Around

nine paint tins with paint brushesAfter you get referrals from people, start comparing them to one another and do some digging around on the internet to look for company reviews, ratings, certifications, etc. It is best to have at least three or more companies to compare. Be sure to ask each company how much they charge and what those charges include, and then compare each company with one another.

Ask About Details

If you have a specific style, color, finishing, or design in mind, you should make sure that each company offers the services you are looking for. The more specific the information you give them, the better. It is important that you discuss your needs upfront to ensure that they can perform each task.

three contractors painting house exterior

Ask Essential Questions

After you have your options narrowed down, you should make sure to interview the company and ask them as many questions as possible. For example, some important questions may be:

  • How many years of experience do you have?
  • Do you require licensing? If so, is it up-to-date?
  • Do you have injury and/or liability insurance?
  • Do you perform the work yourself, or you subcontract?
  • Do you have any references that you could provide?
  • Specifically, which products and services do you offer?

After you receive the answers, you will need to decide if you feel comfortable doing business with them. If they do subcontract their workers, you may wish to search for a company that doesn’t.

Once you receive the company’s references, make sure that you actually check them!

Request a Written Contract

Contractor paining a house yellowOnce you have made the decision to hire a contractor to perform your house painting needs, you will want to request a written contract to review. If you see anything on the contract that you aren’t sure about, you can always ask them for clarification.

Be sure to clarify the exact area that is being painted, the paint colors, the approximate time of the project, and the cost. Ensure that your personal items will be protected during the job and that the work area will be cleaned up when completed.

With these tips, you can feel confident that the job will be completed on time, within your budget, and to your satisfaction!

The Pros and Cons of Using a Storage Facility for Your House Stuff

Storage Facility in Perth Australia

Is de-owning the one and only feasible alternative at hand when it comes to de-cluttering your living spaces? Some of the adepts of minimalist living will provide an affirmative answer to this question, while the best providers of storage facility units will tell you that it’s actually possible to turn homes and offices into cleaner, spacious and more inviting environments without abandoning some of the keepsakes that you have collected through the years.

When renovating your home often older belongings that have been in the family for decades loose their place on the wall, shelf or even in home storage. This post will cover the pros and cons of storing your belonging in a storage unit as opposed to sending it all for a one-way trip to the tip.

Self Storage CenterAre you wondering how you could keep your valuables out of harm’s way while depositing them inside a rented storage unit? You could start by choosing your storage solution wisely, and deciding to do business with a company that sees its tenants’ privacy, security and peace of mind as top priorities. Since moving from Perth after the mining boom went bust, I have been storing some belonging I had no intention of bringing to Melbourne in a reputable storage facility called storage Perth WA where I pay a small monthly or yearly fee for the space to store my belongings. For me, storage was the best option.

If you are looking for viable arguments to convince you to choose a storage unit, here are a few pros and cons you can consider.


  • You get back some of your house space

By hiring a storage unit, you are just allowing yourself to de-clutter the space in your home or office. You can store all sorts of items you want to keep but don’t need to use all the time. Look around, how many of the things you have stored around the house are actually useful to you and your family right now? What about all that snowboard gear, or the Christmas decorations, what about some of the older things your kids still love but are not keeping in their room anymore? All these add up to the general cluttered look of your home, but moving them to a well-guarded and secure storage unit will help you earn back some space in your home.

  • Storage units are reliable

Of course, you will need to be sure 100% that your belongings are secure within those rented units. The professional storage unit renters will have very good security in place. You get your own padlock to lock up your belongings, and will have access to increased security 24/7. Most providers have a sign in- sign out security system in place, as well. When looking to rent a unit, look for a facility that provides insurance for any belongings you store in your unit. So, if you are planning on storing expensive or precious items, make sure you ask them about the insurance they have in place.

  • You have ready access to your belongings

Most storage providers allow 24/7 access to your unit. So, any time you need something from your rental unit, or when you are looking to bring in more stuff, you can come and go as you like.

  • Your items are protected from bad weather or adverse conditions

This will come in handy if you are looking for a way to store precious objects, maybe even antiques from damp and mildew, frost or excessive heat. Some of these facilities also provide air conditioning in their units.


  • You get to transport your belongings yourself

If you don’t drive a car, this should be an inconvenient one. Storage unit providers don’t provide suitable transport for your belongings, when you are moving them in and out of the facility. So, for each trip, you would need to hire someone to help you.

  • These units can be costly

Storage center

Hiring a storage facility for your stuff is not cheap. This is especially true if you are looking for a long-term solution for storing your belongings. Some people also consider this option and keep paying for the unit for years, but in the process they simply forget about all of the items they have stored in one of these units. This may turn out to be inefficient and costly for you in the long run.

  • Not all storage facility providers are insured

By renting a storage unit, it doesn’t mean you are free from any losses or damages. It would be best to inquire what kind of coverage the facility owner can provide, in case of accidents, fires or damages.

Using a storage unit for your seldom used goods can be a really good experience, if you are doing some research on the provider you choose and make sure they can offer you insurance and protection.

Your Local Office Removal Service Can Save You Time and Money

Your business is going to grow and that growth often means the exciting (yet slightly taxing) process of finding a new office space and moving your old office quickly and efficiently. Your local office removal service can save you time and money in this endeavour. Although finding a removalist company and deciding that they’re trustworthy enough to handle your office furniture and equipment may seem difficult, it can be surprisingly simple. In the end, moving everything yourself may take longer and cost you more money than trusting a removalist company.Company Moving Office

A great removalist company we have employed in the past for our moves was Crusader Removals, who were a very professional team with a great price. If you’re in Perth or moving to Perth check them out and you can’t go wrong.

The Cost of a Office Removal Service

Moving an office isn’t just about transferring files and setting up the lobby so your clients will feel like it’s the place they know and love. It’s about ensuring that your equipment also makes a safe journey to your next office space or to storage and that’s where a removalist company comes in. If you try to move things yourself, you may end up with broken equipment, lost files and (depending on the difference between the old office and the new one) wasting a lot of money on petrol making multiple trips in your own personal vehicle. A removalist company has the professional expertise to ensure that these difficulties are avoided.

What to Consider When Choosing a Removal Service

New Office LocationOnce you’ve made the decision to hire a removal service, the choices may seem overwhelming. They all seem excellent and professional so how do you know which services are truthful and able to handle moving your office equipment in the time you’ve allotted?

  1. Find out if the company has insurance so that if your things get lost or broken they will be recovered. This isn’t just for equipment. Make sure this covers furniture and damage to the old office as well so you’re not stuck with paying extra.
  2. Are your files backed up? Equipment and furniture can be insured but the removalist company won’t be able to replace your files if they are lost through hardware damage. Be sure to back up all files, client contacts, and other important information to cloud storage or a private server.
  3. Do you know anyone who has used the same Perth office removal service that you’re considering? Client testimonies can be very helpful when choosing which removalist company you can trust. Be careful with online testimony from strangers because you never know why someone really decided to leave that bad review if they’re a person you don’t already know.

Enjoy Your New Space!

Your local office removal service will save you precious hours that give you more time to set up your new space just right. You’ll be able to decorate more, arrange better, and give your clients reasons to keep coming back after a revamp. You’ll not only enjoy your new space well but your clients will also feel more comfortable with the idea that you’ve moved when they see the improvements for which a new space allows. Give yourself the time to do it right and enjoy your new office with a removalist company that does it right.

Home Renovations – Attracting the Eyes of the Beholder

Old House

Really old homes do not have to be left out and forgotten. Homes could have really good structures or architecture. With a good remodel, an old home can be revitalized back to being a classier house in no time. Little changes could mean big things when done right.

A really old home could start off with a cool wash off. The old paint should be removed, making way for the new paint to dry on the skin of the old home. Coating the house with newer paint makes sure the house does not have uneven painted sections that would make your house look messy.

DoorAn amazing rounded front door would always want a popping bright color to make it stand out in the view. Opting for the classic red color for the entrance of your home creates a feeling of being kissed by the home entrance every time you stay facing this door.

A large porch light would fit the entrance of the dream cottage style home. Little bougainvilleas would be lining up the garden porch. The porch light would provide the much needed night light that would further create a more highlighted entrance.

Lining the walkway with bricks, flowers, and boxwood hedges would make any house beautiful and inviting. Everything leads up to the big red beautiful door and creates a better impression of a symmetrical house.Old Room

When you feel that your kitchen really needs a rework, be open for the need to removing your shelves and saying hello to cabinets. Shelves display an entire array of kitchen items that are really hard to sort everyday to look tidy. Instead, it would be neat to convert to being a cabinet fanatic as cabinets would stand as containers of your kitchen ingredients without really showing your messy catsup bottles or a severely destroyed soy sauce bottle cap.

Never forget to plan for the wiring network of your house. You would not want to end up having to reposition the whole living room just for the television to be able to connect to a nearby outlet. I personally do not want to stumble upon a wildly connecting extension wire as well since it would mean that there should have been a better electricity networking in my house.

WindowWindows do miracles. During the day, it provides a good entrance for wind to flow in and out of, and it also provides for a viewing site for the outdoors. During the night, a well-angled window could provide a great source of moonlight, or possibly a view of the moon, which could mean a really enjoyable night, or even a romantic dinner with your loved one could be done at home.

So whenever you are trying to renovate your home, go see what perks your house has and concentrate on improving them. A small difference in angle could create a beautiful night view of the city, or maybe provide for a beautiful place to view sunrises or sunsets. Concentrate on something you want to accentuate to attract your visitors when recreating your entrance too. Do not forget to add decors and ornaments that would fit the theme of your house.