Ryan HayFamily. I think these word is what is home and house is all about. Living with my family throughout the years, I slowly realized that they are actually the most important of my life, both my parents, siblings, wife and son. After all, they are everyone’s social foundation.

So, that is also the foundation of GME Resources, a website designed to create a family of renovators. My goal here is to slowly contact people, collaborate with other experts and create contents that will help out regular people and get them a little bit interested in home renovation. After all, home renovation is a serious thing that could help out a lot of home owners.

This website will cover mostly residential renovation, no commercial renovation will be discussed here since I do not have any experience in that field. However, home renovation is my expertise right from the start so I know that I am in the correct direction. We will do our best to provide tips to our readers and provide any relevant news in the field of home renovation.

However, this is a journey that we will not be tackling alone. Since we are trying to build a family, we do think that we need assistance from our future family members. So we are encouraging people and experts out there to help us in creating contents and as a reward, we will provide you recognition and we will feature you or your business. I think that this should a good deal and at the same time, this is a good way for us to earn new family members.

Anyway, thank you for reading and I’m hoping that you get to be part of the family soon.